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Where’s the Leadership

So a slight departure from the normal format of talking about leadership in this space.  Let’s for a moment talk about leadership in the context of the current situations playing out or having just played out in Washington D.C.  Our county’s leaders have over the last month demonstrated anything by leadership.  You might recall in an earlier post on defining leadership I wrote about the characteristics of what make a leader.

Some of these characteristics included being authentic, having principles, demonstrating character, integrity, and inspiring others to be and do better.  I would like to point out that regardless of your political leanings you cannot possibly look at the experiences in our nation’s capital over the past few weeks as having demonstrated any of those characteristics with any regularity.

It is difficult to speak on leadership and argue that people should aspire to be better leaders when there are fewer and fewer examples of good leadership getting airtime on the television. I would strongly encourage that if you are a leader or are aspiring to become a leader that you turn your sights away from our country’s leadership (in both parties) for examples of what leadership looks like when not mired in self-interest.  Look for examples of local leaders in your community, church, volunteer organizations, etc. for true examples of leadership that is self-sacrificing and at it’s heart base in true vulnerability-based trust.

In the mean time for our country’s leadership I would encourage you to get involved. Don’t spend you time complaining about it on Facebook or to your friends.  Use that time to become active in your local government. Use that time to volunteer to support representation from your city, county and state that demonstrate true leadership abilities.  Use that time to communicate to your current representation on what a poor job of being leaders to this country they are currently doing.

Leadership has the ability to be born out of irritation, frustration, and discontentment.  Leadership is not born out of complaining, complacency, apathy, or indifference.  Rather than blaming leadership, take control of leadership.  As was discussed in a previous post Leadership is an action not a noun.  In order for you to be a leader you mush lead, otherwise you are just another complainer with a lot of opinions.