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Scarceness of Leadership – Part 2

The second part of the presentation I gave on leadership.  In the first part of the presentation I worked on defining leadership.  In this conclusion of the presentation I provide recommendations on tools that can be used in your journey of discovery about yourself and those you are trying to lead.  The biggest question here is if you don’t understand yourself and those you lead can you be an effective leader? Read more

Scarceness of Leadership – Part 1

A few weeks ago I presented a session on the scarceness of leadership. This presentation took a look at the way leadership is defined and what the components or characteristics where of a leader. After that the session provided some recommended options for tools to help the group understand and learn about their own strengths related to those characteristics.

I have been working with a new tool call Prezi so I decided I would use this tool to provide a virtual presentation of this session. Now missing from this is of course all of the rest of my dialogue on the subject, but the general premise on the topic is still intact. Read more