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Invest in yourself!

invest-in-youI came across an interesting article from Forbes website. The article (Click here to read full article) talks about eight self-limiting behaviors that successful people see to be able to avoid.  Any of them are good things to avoid, but two of them stuck out to me more than the rest.  The two of these behaviors I see most in people is the one that discusses “Engaging in below the line thinking” and the one about “Putting off investing in themselves”. Often times these go hand in hand…

I don’t know how many times I hear people say that they can’t get ahead because their circumstance is “keeping them down”, when if fact they are keeping themselves down by not taking control of matters.  This idea that something completely out of control is driving your life circumstance in a direction you don’t want it to be going is known as “below the line thinking”, or what most of us know of as negative self-talk.  In fact there are very few things in life that are so completely out of our control that we have no impact on the direction they take us.

We control our circumstance and in fact the decisions we make are almost always responsible for our circumstances.  I want to start my own business but I don’t take any action to learn what that would entail because it just seems to difficult.  I would like to learn a different language and then travel someplace and use it, but my weekend is too busy.  I really want that promotion at work, but I don’t know if I have what they are looking for.

Magnifying glassIf you want to start your own business, take some classes in business management to give yourself the tools to be successful. Want to know more about foreign affairs, study them from credible sources. Love to cook and just wish you could do it better, take some cooking classes or start watching the Food Network.  Want to learn a language buy Rosetta Stone.

Learning, growing and improving is not something we stop doing once we get a degree. We should be taking time to invest in ourselves each and every day. If you aren’t you can’t possibly look at your circumstance and blame where you are on anyone other than yourself.

A potentially great resource for learning something you have always wanted to learn is a website called This is a website where you can take FREE on-line instructor lead classes from Universities all over the world on subjects from Quantum Physics to the History of the Beatles.

Start investing in you today!

What are you going to do today to starting investing in you and take back ownership of your circumstances?

Incentive vs. Motivation vs. Inspiration: The Passion of Life

So who would have ever thought it would be so difficult to get motivated to talk about motivation… To this point I have written about a couple of different key parts of motivation. As you look at your life and why you do what you do, not just for a living, but in living your life, what drives you? As a manager of people I have many different types of people that work for me. Some are driven by incentive, which typically takes a tangible form such as money or some other form of reward. Some are driven by an internal force or what I have began to discuss here as intrinsic motivation, again demonstrated by a internal passion, joy or thirst for what they do or accomplish. Yet others are not so much driven as they are lead by the impact (positive or negative) on them of the actions of others, or what our culture typically defines as inspiration. None of these are mindless followers; they are all just driven by different forces. Read more

Leadership and Motivation: How Are You Motivated

Still working through thoughts on leadership and motivation.   As you think about motivation what comes to your mind? What does motivation look like?  Does motivation look different to you in your role as a parent, a student, an employee, a leader, a coach, a son/daughter, a brother/sister? Does motivation mean different things to you when discussing personal motivation versus motivation of someone you lead or mentor?  Does it mean different things to you when you compare your work life to your home life?

Simply put motivation is defined as:

The psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior. – developed by Princeton University.

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Leadership and Motivation: Eye on the Prize

Leadership and motivation often go hand in hand.  Over the last couple of weeks this topic has been in front of me every time I turn around it seems, so much so that I decided I needed to write a couple of articles on this just to unclutter my thoughts.  This post is the first in a series of discussions on leadership, motivation, and what drives people.

Some time ago I came across a book by author Anthony De Mello called  Awareness.  In his book Mr. De Mello recounts a story from the Chinese philosopher Tranxu:

“When the archer shoots for no particular prize, he has all his skills; when he shoots to win a brass buckle, he is already nervous; when he shoots for a gold prize, he goes blind, sees two targets, and is out of his mind. His skill has not changed, but the prize divides him. He cares! He thinks more of winning than of shooting, and the need to win drains him of power”.

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