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Scarceness of Leadership – Part 1

A few weeks ago I presented a session on the scarceness of leadership. This presentation took a look at the way leadership is defined and what the components or characteristics where of a leader. After that the session provided some recommended options for tools to help the group understand and learn about their own strengths related to those characteristics.

I have been working with a new tool call Prezi so I decided I would use this tool to provide a virtual presentation of this session. Now missing from this is of course all of the rest of my dialogue on the subject, but the general premise on the topic is still intact. Read more

Personality Type and Leadership

One of the components that makes each of us unique is our personality.  Like snowflakes, no two personalities are a like. There are many tools out there that try to help us understand our personalities, and through this understanding we can gain great insight into who we are.  This is especially important for leaders.

Everyone is a leader in some regard.  I you are a parent you provide leadership to your kids.  If you are a manager at your work you provide leadership for those you manage.  You at different times will provide leadership to your friends if they are in a situation that you have experience with.  There really is no end to the situations where each and every one of us provides leadership of some sort to another individual or group. Read more

Finding Uniqueness – Part 5

Okay so closing out the series here on Finding Uniqueness.  I wanted to start with this topic on this blog primarily because it is a basis for everything else that I want to bring forward for discussion as we move forward.  Your uniqueness defines you as an individual, as an employee, as a leader, as a follower, as a team member, as a wife or husband, as a son or daughter, in pretty much every way.  The reason for this is that your uniqueness is based on your personality and the traits contained within that personality. Read more

Finding Uniqueness – Part 1

Everyone calls it something. Passion. Purpose. Life calling. Dream job. One book even calls it your Why. It is the IT of our professional lives.  Everyone says you have to find IT. Search IT out. Learn what IT is. What if we already know what IT is?  Not only that what if we have already done IT at some point in our lives?  What if we are doing IT or some portion of IT right now? Read more