Six Cell Model – FIRO

The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation assessment tool, otherwise known as the FIRO, FIRO-B or FIRO Business, breaks down interpersonal relationship into six components. These components define what we as individuals are looking to give to others and what we are looking to get from others, which are the core components of all relationships.

As leaders or just as people who are in relationships every single day, we have needs we want to express and needs we want to have fulfilled by others.  These basic components define how we will interact with everyone we have a relationship with.  Our boss. Those we lead. Our spouse. Our kids. Our peers.

The first part of this is the way we express our need for inclusion or involvement to others.  How much do we act in ways that demonstrate want to be made part of what others have going on.  Next is our need to express to others our influence or control of situations or others, our need to lead if you will.  Then finally we express to others our need to give connection or affection, what some might call the warm fuzzies.

On the other side of this is our need to receive these same three things from others.  So again we have a need of some level for people to give connection or show affection to us.  Some might have a very low need for this, but it is still there in everyone.  Then we have a need for some degree of influence or control from others.  In some cases people need clear definitive directions where others might not.  And lastly we all have some level of needing to feel included in what others have going on.

The flow of this in any given interaction goes from Expressed Involvement around the horseshoe to wanted involvement as demonstrated below.

So just another way to look at your personality traits and how they affect your interaction with others.  It creates a very simple flow of conversation and relationships that if you are more educated in how each of these relate to you, you will be able to use in your leadership style or your following style.

If you are interested in learning more about how the FIRO assessments can help you, your team, or your organization jump over and take a look at Personality @ltitude and see if they can do a something to help you be a better leader, team or organization.


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