If I asked you if you live an authentic life, could you say yes? If I followed that up by asking you what that meant could you answer? If I asked you if you lead with character, in any capacity that you find yourself a leader, could you say yes. If I then asked you what that means to you what would your response be? Would you stumble and make something up, or would you actually have an answer for that?

I have written before that everyone leads, in some capacity. You are leading those that work for you. You are leading your family, wife, kids relatives. You are at various times leading your friends. When you are looked upon by those people what do they see in your actions?

A good question came up at a recent conference that I was attending when a speaker (Corey Ciocchetti) asked a group of IT leaders if they could honestly say they never lie.  So when you think about leading with authenticity what does that mean to you as an individual?  It makes you wonder to what degree authenticity plays in leadership.

As kids we can see through to someone authenticity without even thinking about it.  The observations of kids about adults are in many cases the most accurate.  However, somewhere along the way we loose that and from that we loose the idea that we need to build our leadership style on thinks like authenticity, character, morals, integrity, and the core components of our try personality.

No matter what tool you might use to slice up and examine your personality the basic components don’t change.  But when you took your personality and built a leadership style around it did you keep your true self in tact or did you part it out for the sake of being the kind of leader you thought you should be?  Leadership that is not built on a foundation of authenticity will eventually lead to failure.  So as you think about what your leadership style is and what you want it to be make sure you include the components that make up who you really are.

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